Friday, September 23, 2011

Another One in Theater

I kind of thought Keegan would be my sports kid. When he was about 18 months I bought a mini basketball hoop that hung on the door. Best 1.00 I ever spent. A month later we got a toddler basketball set from the Easter Bunny. He spent a much longer than the average toddler attention span practicing his shot. He would see almost anything as a chance to "hoop it" My friend Susan's lamp shade, the baptismal font at church and the fruit baskets in my kitchen. They were all meant to practice the perfect sink shot. I started him in soccer and he was luke- warm about it. He played for two full Spring/Fall seasons and then didn't want to. I didn't like forcing him to practice and games and I really didn't like one of the coaches. When this same coach ended up being the Wolf leader this year, I agreed that scouts wasn't going to be part of his 2nd grade life. So I asked him what he wanted to do. He said "just go to school." I said no, you have to do one activity and I gave him a bunch of choices. He chose theater.

I was a bit worried. I put him in Ms. Nancy's group because even though she is eccentric beyond belief she has a good heart and she handles kids well. Keegan was nervous no doubt about it. He kept asking what part he would get, how he would know what to do etc. When we got there he clung to me like the suction cup basketball hoop of his early days. And then I took him over to meet Ms. Nancy. She gave me a huge hug and then she hugged Keegan. He was taken aback- who is this lady who just grabbed me and hugged me?! She found a child how has been in the class for a while and told him to be friends with Keegan for a few minutes. I sat down and voila that was it. He smiled and laughed the whole class. Caught on to all the activities and it seems just like the others, theater is his niche. We left and he said "when do I get to go again." I'm sure there will be weeks when he would rather not go but for now. YEAH!!!!!

May shall bring about the painful to watch rendition of Rapunzel and he will get a trophy and all will be right with the world!

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