Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TRI and TRI-again?

How was the try? It was AWESOME!!!! I got there about 6:50 AM and there were a lot of women already getting ready. I got my bike set up and myself oriented. Then I found Kami. We chatted, she got her stuff ready and then we attempted to find a bathroom. Apparently the rec center didn't' exactly agree that 400 women should be allowed into the facility before 7:45. Every door we tried we were greeted with " the event starts at 7:45, you can't come in" Well then, I guess we will all pee in your pool Mr. tucked in polo shirt guy who is strutting around with authority not knowing how many of us are writing letters to the center, to the paper and two the recreation funding source.

Once in, it was a looooooong wait to jump in the pool. Well at least for those of us who are swim challenged. I waited almost an hour before jumping in. It felt great to get in the water but my nerves were on the surface. I don't swim, I can't swim, I'm afraid of drowning and yes, I love water but on my own terms. So I back stroked the whole dang 300 meters. Well, I think I side stroked a bit and I walked a bit. Who cares, I just needed to be done with the swim.

Then to the bike. It was warm by then so if felt great to just throw a shirt and shorts on over my tri suit. That hill is HARD! I rode hard, but it took me a long time. As I approached "hell hill" I just kept telling myself that I was strong and I could do it. And guess what I made it up the whole dang hill without having to stop and walk. Almost everyone around me walked a portion. That was what made my day. The adrenaline from getting up there and looking across the valley must be like the first time someone takes crack (sorry I have no way to know for sure but lets just assume that is true) Then it was "down hill baby"

I made it back and then there is the run. Grabbing my ipod, I ran to the mat and started my timing chip. What really surprised me was that I could actually run. All the bike to runs we had done up to that point about killed me. I felt like I was running in mud and that my legs would explode. But I did fine. for about 1/4 mile. Then I walked a bit. The 800 mg ibuprofen may have had something to do with that but I'd like to attribute it to my stellar training and the adrenaline of the race. The biggest problem with the run is that by then "you got nothin" OK, theory says you can take goo or some other really sugary substance and you will pull glycogen and get a burst of energy, but I don't do goo. So it was me and my muscles with all the glycogen tucked neatly inside and not readily available for my use. But I did it. I ran most of it. And, my run time was almost as good as it usually is. So there! I AM STRONG!

When I hit the finish line, Brian, Keegan and Daniel were there to cheer me on. Them along with Kami, her friend Ally and my friends Janet and Julia. Having so many people there meant a lot. It really did.

Now I am being peer pressured like a high school sophomore to sign up for another TRI in two weeks. This one is not a non-competitive, women's only TRI. Its real. Its still a sprint TRI, but will they let me backstroke? Will people be sitting around staring at their watches while I am 30 minutes slower than the next person? I'm still deciding what to do. But TRIATHAMOM 2012- Here I come.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Another One in Theater

I kind of thought Keegan would be my sports kid. When he was about 18 months I bought a mini basketball hoop that hung on the door. Best 1.00 I ever spent. A month later we got a toddler basketball set from the Easter Bunny. He spent a much longer than the average toddler attention span practicing his shot. He would see almost anything as a chance to "hoop it" My friend Susan's lamp shade, the baptismal font at church and the fruit baskets in my kitchen. They were all meant to practice the perfect sink shot. I started him in soccer and he was luke- warm about it. He played for two full Spring/Fall seasons and then didn't want to. I didn't like forcing him to practice and games and I really didn't like one of the coaches. When this same coach ended up being the Wolf leader this year, I agreed that scouts wasn't going to be part of his 2nd grade life. So I asked him what he wanted to do. He said "just go to school." I said no, you have to do one activity and I gave him a bunch of choices. He chose theater.

I was a bit worried. I put him in Ms. Nancy's group because even though she is eccentric beyond belief she has a good heart and she handles kids well. Keegan was nervous no doubt about it. He kept asking what part he would get, how he would know what to do etc. When we got there he clung to me like the suction cup basketball hoop of his early days. And then I took him over to meet Ms. Nancy. She gave me a huge hug and then she hugged Keegan. He was taken aback- who is this lady who just grabbed me and hugged me?! She found a child how has been in the class for a while and told him to be friends with Keegan for a few minutes. I sat down and voila that was it. He smiled and laughed the whole class. Caught on to all the activities and it seems just like the others, theater is his niche. We left and he said "when do I get to go again." I'm sure there will be weeks when he would rather not go but for now. YEAH!!!!!

May shall bring about the painful to watch rendition of Rapunzel and he will get a trophy and all will be right with the world!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ready to TRI

Ready or not this Saturday is the triathamom. I was coerced into signing up and I am glad I did. I am not a good swimmer and I don't really bike much but it's good to test the ol body and see what it can do.

My friend Kami and I have done a few practice runs and it's not going to be easy. I'll just take it slow and hope to make it in standing.

I'm feeling really down right now. Between dad, Kelly and Bill all being sick, my friend Doreen's husband died yesterday. She came home and found him. Death always throws me for a loop. One minute someone is here and then- gone forever. I do believe there is more than this life. I just don't know what it is. I have faith that we will all be together again, but in what form. Our finite brains just can't capture the reality of heaven and eternity.

So here I am all melancholy. I worry about my own health and the inevitability of death. How long do I have? Will my family be OK when I am gone? I know we all have those feelings they are just prominent in my thinking at the moment.

I feel like a good belly laugh is in order!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life Gets Crazy When You Aren't Looking

I remember the day my summer went downhill. It was Thursday evening the closing night of Pimpernel. Meg and I decided to meet Brian and the kids for the cast party at ? See, they hadn't decided on a place to go yet. We figured it would be VI for sure so we went ahead and parked in the lot waiting for the call on where to go. See we aren't dumb- most of the time- if we were already there, we could go in, get a table and order before the mass chaos. Then we would get our food at a reasonable time (1 AM?!) get to visit with everyone and be home before dawn. Well it didn't work out that way.

The cast had to strike the set. I couldn't get a hold of Brian or the kids so we decided to go see if by chance they were at IHOP. I was apparently too tired to drive because I turned too sharp and ran over the curb. Yikes! That is why now, in Sept I am still figuring out when I can buy new shocks. They weren't at IHOP so we went back to the park- oops dumb mistake we forgot that city parks close at 10 PM. Apparently we were loitering and luckily, the cop just followed us around the park until we left. But we did find the casts' cars and knew we were in for a long night. I finally got Brian to answer his phone and found out it would be another hour. We decided we don't really like the cast that much.

I joked that with all the cops patrolling the area around the park that Brian would probably get pulled over for his head light and expired tags (it had been a busy month!) And sure as shit he did. Luckily he just got a ticket.

That month we had over 1200.00 in car repairs UGH- the beginning of being broke and yet to catch up. So here I am again getting my windshield repaired and waiting for the verdict on Kate's car accident. Really, I am done with cars!

Then I accidentally threw away something very important that i don't even want to talk about. So I won't.

Then came the illness- first Kelly, then Bill then Dad. Its getting to be too much. I am finding myself unable to concentrate and I cry at the drop of a hat. Please people, I beg of you, don't be nice to me. It WILL make me cry. So Brian's solution is that I need antidepressants and anti- anxiety medication. I am so glad I have Barb to tell me that I am fine and normal and that its OK to need order to cope and that it doesn't make me neurotic or OCD.

Dad is in for another broncoscopy this morning. Lets all pray for good news. We need it.

A lot of good has come from this time as well. We bought our tent trailer- yeah! The show was awesome and we became closer friends with some amazing people. Kate got cast in Sweeney Todd and has a possible really great casting. We had two great camping trips and we have jobs.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

That's so sad about you!

On the way to school this morning Daniel reminded me of something Keegan said several years ago. I didn't let him do something or I didn't buy him something, I can't remember, but all of a sudden he said "That's so sad about you!" I said what is so sad about me? And he replied "that is so sad about you that you won't......." Ever since then we have used that to tease one another. This morning it was this, "That is so sad about you that you won't let me have a stomach ache at noon so I can leave school early"

What the broggins?! Another Keegy classic. He was so frustrated about something and couldn't get the words out so it was "what the broggins are you doing to me?!"

The hard part about being a mom is knowing when to open your mouth and when to keep it shut. I am not the best at long conversations about life. I kind of like to live it rather than stew over it. But I know Kate would love to have long drawn out one on one time. I almost worry about posting this here, but ................ She broke up with her boyfriend last night. And I wanted to jump up and down and shout hooray!!!!! My sisters did too. As did all of her friends from the theater and my friends who found out because Faceb00k is an amazing grapevine. He was not good for her. At all! Yes, they had some fun together and yes, its nice to have a constant companion in your life and in high school, having a boyfriend is important. But she couldn't see how much she was limited by having him in her life. He was a sad pathetic puppy dog who followed her around, bringing her down. I do feel bad that she knew I didn't like him and that hurt her. But I JUST COULDN'T LIKE HIM!!!!!!!! And I didn't like his family and the idea of her marrying him made me want to vomit (not that they were engaged but I knew they had talked about marriage as a possibility) So for now, he is gone and I hope to God and all higher powers that it stays that way. She is so much better than him.