Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why is Fr. Paul always late?!

Last Sunday, I was doing my best to keep Keegan quiet during mass. This is no easy feat with a kid who is so active and honestly, mass to him is so boring. Just before communion he leaned over and said, "Why is Father Paul always late to church?!" I just about let out a huge guffaw Fr. Paul says the 7:30 mass, goes back to the rectory and then walks down towards the end of 9:00 mass to greet everyone. Keegan didn't know that (being as he has never in his life been to 7:30 mass) and he just sees Fr. walking down each week right at the end. I told Fr. Dave who gave a hearty laugh and said, "I better get on that, we can't have him slacking!" Fr. Paul also found it very amusing.

In other news, the parent worst nightmare occurred yesterday, Kate was involved in a car accident. I was in the other office talking to Michelle when there was a very loud knock on the door- thinking it was the mail room I opened to the door. There was Kate looking very small. She rushed in and threw her arms around me, started crying and it took a minute to figure out the problem. Apparently she inherited my ineptitude with depth perception and vehicles. She managed to get herself wedged trying to get into a parking spot. Then while correcting, she hit the bumper of the car parked next to her. Honestly, I don't need this but really, it could have been so much worse. Campus police was very nice and helpful and I will call the owner of the other car in just a few minutes. UGH!

What you might ask is a spiritual birth doula? OK, like me, you probably never asked that. My ignorance is bliss about such things has now been shaken up after a phone call yesterday. Some lady called and asked if it was a good time to talk to me. I said yes and then regretted it, immensely. She said she has written a book on a revolutionary new way to give birth. Really?! Through ones nose? or maybe vomiting the baby out? I only know of two ways out so please, enlighten me on the new way. OK, so I'm sure its some combination of birth hypnosis and other techniques. I am not opposed to giving a lot of tools for labor. But no, I will not promote your book!!!!!!!! I tried and tried to get out of it, but she is pushy. So next Wed, I get to meet with the spiritual birth guru. I can't wait- well, can't wait to see what it is all about and then get her OUT of my office.

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