Friday, August 5, 2011


As usual, my plan to get moving by 9:00 AM didn't pan out. Honestly, this time it was a good thing. We had stayed up until 2 AM getting the trailer in order and making it travel ready. Being the first time we took it down Brian went slow- very slow. The guy at Camper World said to crank it about 45 times and then walk around tucking things in. Well for Brian, that meant exactly 45 times and not one crank more or less. He wanted to everything exactly as they showed him. I get it, but that didn't make it any easier to sit in the driveway at that hour. So the extra sleep was nice.

We stopped at the Idaho potato museum and I know everyone wants to know why. Well, because they have the worlds largest potato chip and Brian really wanted Daniel to see it. Blackfoot here we come! Well the chip was honestly and unimpressive as the museum but we did get a box of dehydrated hash browns for each adult. Woo Hoo! But little did we know that they would come in handy. As it turns out, in my haste to get the cold stuff in the cooler, I forgot to pack the hashbrowns. No problem, we just re-constituted and voila hash browns. Not too shabby either.

Camping with bears is not my favorite. Its not so much the bears I minded- OK, I didn't really go looking for them and was truly grateful that I never saw one- it was really the keeping the camp safe to avoid the bears that was the issue. Every night we put all the dishes and food in the cars and the bear box only to have to drag it all out in the morning. And brrrrrrrrr it was freezing until about 8 AM. I was the only one on this trip who can't sleep past 7 so there I was shivering as I went out to get my warm clothes (which I had cooked in thus they couldn't be instide the pop up) and then pull out all the stuff to make a freekin pot of coffee. But once the coffee was made all was good. I really love camping I just prefer snakes and scorpions since they don't have a tendancy to want my food.

Yellowstone is a beautiful place with lots of stupid people. It never ceases to amaze me that people will put their kids in danger to get a glimpse of wildlife. Maybe being from Utah and havign seen moose, buffalo, deer, etc I'm not quite so excited or maybe, I just don't want my kids gored by something with horns who knows. Since we stayed outside the park, we didn't spend as much time driving during the peak animal sightings. But we missed a grizzly crossing the street by about three minutes. Bummer- we stopped to get pictures of a smoking mountain and decide it would be really fun to start pointing at a field excitedly to see how many people would stop in the road and do something stupid like put their 3 yr old in the field to look for the bear. Um yes, people did stop and we laughed about it. Then we found out about the grizzly and by the time we got up the road it was gone. I the ranger tracks them because the next time we came close to a grizzly there was a ranger there again- coincindence, I think not. How would Mr. Ranger get there so fast each time.

The not so great part of the trip was when we found out that our brother had a heart attack. UM he is 40- not 60 but 4-0. In my selfishness, I am now worried about genetics. I am female and i do run (when i'm not being a slacker) but still...... that is scary. He should be OK but wow! Not the news we expected on the trip. So that and the water that was flooding my house when we got home didn't make for a happy Liz. So let's hope Powell turns out better. Only two more days!!!!!!

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