Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Birthday Party and Teenagers-( unrelated}

When I was a kid, we had birthday parties until one dreaded year. Bill was in first grade and he was a total shit. Mom had spent a lot of time planning the party and I was so excited for the games and prizes. Well he threw a fit because someone else won the prize that he wanted. It didn't matter that he was the birthday boy and got all the presents he wanted that prize. So after the party mom announced that from then on we would get a party for our big birthdays-10, 13 and 16 after that, no more parties. I was crushed.

Fast forward to my own kids. The first party I held for Kate was huge. I didn't want to leave anyone out so I invited all the kids from the JCC and MOST OF THEM CAME!!!!!!!!! I think there were about 22 or 23. We had rotations and made costumes and decorated cupcakes and it was a big ordeal. I planned it for months. We did that for about 6 years before I started to mellow out the party- what can I say, I got old. It also got easier as they got into school and had their friends rather than preschool where everyone was kind of just together.

So today was Keegan's 7th party. And I didn't prepare at all. I sent invitations from Lake Powell because I didn't get them done in time. This meant that there were six kids- perfect! And I was glad there were so few when the heavens opened up and this desert became a candidate for Noah and the gang. We headed in doors for the dinner and cake and being the desert, the storm ended as quick as it started. There was no stopping them, the kids were like the fans of the winning team racing to the field. They ran me over to get back outside to the bounce house. Fine I said, who cares if your costumes get wet. So there they were jumping to their hearts' content in the post storm water. I merely apologized to the parents and none of them cared. So my completely unorganized and unplanned party was a huge success. There was even a rainbow sent down as a gift to Keegan or so he thinks.

Teens, what is wrong with their brains?!. I know, uncle Kirk calls it brain dump and its typical of them all, but really I know I wasn't like this. Daniel just called from a friends house 3o miles away to see if he can stay over night. Well, since I don't care to drive up there after the work of getting a party going I said yes. Then Brian asked him what time he needs to be picked up and he said, I'll call you back, I have to see if its OK with A's mom. Wouldn't you clear that first? So then he found out it was OK but is still calling us back with a time. I know I made plans better as a teen, I'm sure I did. But then, I am the one who spent years planning elaborate parties only to find out that a bounce house and rain are a hit. I am the one who makes real meals camping while my brother in law just buys a few cans of chili and two bags of Doritos. So is it me? or is it the gender that is missing part of an X?

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