Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why is Fr. Paul always late?!

Last Sunday, I was doing my best to keep Keegan quiet during mass. This is no easy feat with a kid who is so active and honestly, mass to him is so boring. Just before communion he leaned over and said, "Why is Father Paul always late to church?!" I just about let out a huge guffaw Fr. Paul says the 7:30 mass, goes back to the rectory and then walks down towards the end of 9:00 mass to greet everyone. Keegan didn't know that (being as he has never in his life been to 7:30 mass) and he just sees Fr. walking down each week right at the end. I told Fr. Dave who gave a hearty laugh and said, "I better get on that, we can't have him slacking!" Fr. Paul also found it very amusing.

In other news, the parent worst nightmare occurred yesterday, Kate was involved in a car accident. I was in the other office talking to Michelle when there was a very loud knock on the door- thinking it was the mail room I opened to the door. There was Kate looking very small. She rushed in and threw her arms around me, started crying and it took a minute to figure out the problem. Apparently she inherited my ineptitude with depth perception and vehicles. She managed to get herself wedged trying to get into a parking spot. Then while correcting, she hit the bumper of the car parked next to her. Honestly, I don't need this but really, it could have been so much worse. Campus police was very nice and helpful and I will call the owner of the other car in just a few minutes. UGH!

What you might ask is a spiritual birth doula? OK, like me, you probably never asked that. My ignorance is bliss about such things has now been shaken up after a phone call yesterday. Some lady called and asked if it was a good time to talk to me. I said yes and then regretted it, immensely. She said she has written a book on a revolutionary new way to give birth. Really?! Through ones nose? or maybe vomiting the baby out? I only know of two ways out so please, enlighten me on the new way. OK, so I'm sure its some combination of birth hypnosis and other techniques. I am not opposed to giving a lot of tools for labor. But no, I will not promote your book!!!!!!!! I tried and tried to get out of it, but she is pushy. So next Wed, I get to meet with the spiritual birth guru. I can't wait- well, can't wait to see what it is all about and then get her OUT of my office.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Birthday Party and Teenagers-( unrelated}

When I was a kid, we had birthday parties until one dreaded year. Bill was in first grade and he was a total shit. Mom had spent a lot of time planning the party and I was so excited for the games and prizes. Well he threw a fit because someone else won the prize that he wanted. It didn't matter that he was the birthday boy and got all the presents he wanted that prize. So after the party mom announced that from then on we would get a party for our big birthdays-10, 13 and 16 after that, no more parties. I was crushed.

Fast forward to my own kids. The first party I held for Kate was huge. I didn't want to leave anyone out so I invited all the kids from the JCC and MOST OF THEM CAME!!!!!!!!! I think there were about 22 or 23. We had rotations and made costumes and decorated cupcakes and it was a big ordeal. I planned it for months. We did that for about 6 years before I started to mellow out the party- what can I say, I got old. It also got easier as they got into school and had their friends rather than preschool where everyone was kind of just together.

So today was Keegan's 7th party. And I didn't prepare at all. I sent invitations from Lake Powell because I didn't get them done in time. This meant that there were six kids- perfect! And I was glad there were so few when the heavens opened up and this desert became a candidate for Noah and the gang. We headed in doors for the dinner and cake and being the desert, the storm ended as quick as it started. There was no stopping them, the kids were like the fans of the winning team racing to the field. They ran me over to get back outside to the bounce house. Fine I said, who cares if your costumes get wet. So there they were jumping to their hearts' content in the post storm water. I merely apologized to the parents and none of them cared. So my completely unorganized and unplanned party was a huge success. There was even a rainbow sent down as a gift to Keegan or so he thinks.

Teens, what is wrong with their brains?!. I know, uncle Kirk calls it brain dump and its typical of them all, but really I know I wasn't like this. Daniel just called from a friends house 3o miles away to see if he can stay over night. Well, since I don't care to drive up there after the work of getting a party going I said yes. Then Brian asked him what time he needs to be picked up and he said, I'll call you back, I have to see if its OK with A's mom. Wouldn't you clear that first? So then he found out it was OK but is still calling us back with a time. I know I made plans better as a teen, I'm sure I did. But then, I am the one who spent years planning elaborate parties only to find out that a bounce house and rain are a hit. I am the one who makes real meals camping while my brother in law just buys a few cans of chili and two bags of Doritos. So is it me? or is it the gender that is missing part of an X?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sometimes Life is Overwhelming and There are Good Times

Before leaving for Yellowstone, Brian had talked to his dad. He told him that his prostate cancer was back. Any cancer coming back is NOT good. For him it is very scary because his dad died of return prostate cancer that metastasized to his brain. Grandpa Wilmer was in his early 70's and it was just after we were married. I didn't get to know him very well, but feel like I know him through the stories. Brian's dad is only in his early 60's and that is just too darn young. I know, people have been younger but still- its too young.

So on our trip my brother has a heart attack. My YOUNGER brother. Granted he has a much more stressful life, doesn't eat as well as I do and doesn't run but it scared me. Scared me to the point that I started having panic attacks which feel like heart attacks. (At least that is what I hear). So I quit running for two weeks then I sucked it up and put on my shoes and guess what- IT FELT GREAT!!!!!! Mentally and physically. I got a doozie of a cut on my foot at Lake Powell but I am trying to run through it because I'm back on the horse and I don't want to fall off again.

But then, right before leaving for Powell my dad found out he had some dark spots on his lung. I knew in my heart what that meant. He kept reassuring us that it was nothing, probably the gunk he had in his lungs that was making him cough a lot (DENIAL?) So he had to go in for a bronchoscopy while we were at Powell. He tried to not tell us, said he wouldn't have the results for a week or so but we knew. Finally on Friday I got him to tell us. He said he didn't want to ruin the family camping trip but honestly, it wasn't a shock.

I am a tough woman- too tough for my own good but I am finding myself having massive anxiety over things that would normally make me fret but not be paralyzed with fear. The Sears bill, Keegan's behavior at camp, the bank balance, all of those things are scary to me right now. As I was faxing a form earlier I almost started crying and just about told my boss I needed to go home for a mental health day but I pulled it together and I'll be OK for now.

Life is also good. We had our trip to Powell and despite the aggravation of some events I had a blast. The Jayco is AWESOME! I am so glad we bought it. The water can't be beat and other than the heat its such a great camping spot. Much better than bear camping. I prefer the snakes and scorpions to the bears any day. That said, I was stung by a scorpion- check that fear off my list. It wasn't so bad and I lived to tell about it.

Daniel oh Daniel you are a funny kid when you aren't tormenting your brother. Really, you are- don't lose that. First off, you were the best to make sure everyone had a bottle of water when they got to camp late and were a bit grouchy (no, not a bit, VERY grouchy) That was sweet and no one told you to do it. And Hug Zombie was awesome. Everyone wants to be hugged by a wet 15 year old who just got out of the lake. Well, not everyone, but at Powell, when its 100 degrees in the shade, a sopping hug is great.

And then there was our night patrol. Keegan had to have the captain hat they sold at the store. It was dang cute so I gave in. True to self, Keegs fashioned up a costume, set up lighting and patrolled the area. Just like a real watchman. Of course Em and I ended up in fits of giggles because it reminded us of The Brides Maid "I get first watch" Then I was informed that the services were not free but that we had to pay for that level of protection. Luckily, he was willing to take a dollar per family. PHEW! That kid is going to be a lawyer or a businessman some day.

So our trip was not the days of water skiing and bliss that I had envisioned but were tainted with broken boats, cars and bad news. But we did have a vacation and we are so blessed and that is what I need to remember.

Friday, August 5, 2011


As usual, my plan to get moving by 9:00 AM didn't pan out. Honestly, this time it was a good thing. We had stayed up until 2 AM getting the trailer in order and making it travel ready. Being the first time we took it down Brian went slow- very slow. The guy at Camper World said to crank it about 45 times and then walk around tucking things in. Well for Brian, that meant exactly 45 times and not one crank more or less. He wanted to everything exactly as they showed him. I get it, but that didn't make it any easier to sit in the driveway at that hour. So the extra sleep was nice.

We stopped at the Idaho potato museum and I know everyone wants to know why. Well, because they have the worlds largest potato chip and Brian really wanted Daniel to see it. Blackfoot here we come! Well the chip was honestly and unimpressive as the museum but we did get a box of dehydrated hash browns for each adult. Woo Hoo! But little did we know that they would come in handy. As it turns out, in my haste to get the cold stuff in the cooler, I forgot to pack the hashbrowns. No problem, we just re-constituted and voila hash browns. Not too shabby either.

Camping with bears is not my favorite. Its not so much the bears I minded- OK, I didn't really go looking for them and was truly grateful that I never saw one- it was really the keeping the camp safe to avoid the bears that was the issue. Every night we put all the dishes and food in the cars and the bear box only to have to drag it all out in the morning. And brrrrrrrrr it was freezing until about 8 AM. I was the only one on this trip who can't sleep past 7 so there I was shivering as I went out to get my warm clothes (which I had cooked in thus they couldn't be instide the pop up) and then pull out all the stuff to make a freekin pot of coffee. But once the coffee was made all was good. I really love camping I just prefer snakes and scorpions since they don't have a tendancy to want my food.

Yellowstone is a beautiful place with lots of stupid people. It never ceases to amaze me that people will put their kids in danger to get a glimpse of wildlife. Maybe being from Utah and havign seen moose, buffalo, deer, etc I'm not quite so excited or maybe, I just don't want my kids gored by something with horns who knows. Since we stayed outside the park, we didn't spend as much time driving during the peak animal sightings. But we missed a grizzly crossing the street by about three minutes. Bummer- we stopped to get pictures of a smoking mountain and decide it would be really fun to start pointing at a field excitedly to see how many people would stop in the road and do something stupid like put their 3 yr old in the field to look for the bear. Um yes, people did stop and we laughed about it. Then we found out about the grizzly and by the time we got up the road it was gone. I the ranger tracks them because the next time we came close to a grizzly there was a ranger there again- coincindence, I think not. How would Mr. Ranger get there so fast each time.

The not so great part of the trip was when we found out that our brother had a heart attack. UM he is 40- not 60 but 4-0. In my selfishness, I am now worried about genetics. I am female and i do run (when i'm not being a slacker) but still...... that is scary. He should be OK but wow! Not the news we expected on the trip. So that and the water that was flooding my house when we got home didn't make for a happy Liz. So let's hope Powell turns out better. Only two more days!!!!!!