Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Slow Down!

As kids, mom would always say "well the Forth of July is here and that means summer is over" What really, there is still the rest of July and then August. Mom is a pessimist and since they start putting out back to school stuff in July, in her mind its over. But I hated hearing that because I love summer! My family is not so enthusiastic. They don't like the heat like I do and they don't enjoy the outdoors. Me, I live for it. Well that and warm Fall weather for hiking and biking, the crisp cool winter days for cross country skiing but Summer I love you more than anything in the world. Swimming, warm nights, long days, parties and fun.

With all the cool weather we got off to a slow start-snow-in June-Really!!!!!! But the good news is the creek is still flowing rapidly and it sounds like heaven and since my sprinkler system had broken and I just now got to it, i didn't have to worry about the grass.

Aw Pimpernel, May and June were encompassed by Brian, Kate and Daniel being at rehearsal and then the show. Since i wasn't chauffeur this year, I wasn't there for rehearsals and I've never seen the show. Wow, that was great on opening night to have no reference or background. Awesome show! Sadly Keegan wasn't quite as enthralled as me so we could only go to every other show and I broke down to get a babysitter for closing night. I'm a total sucker for a good musical and then to have family and friends who are in the show makes it worse. Maybe, just maybe I will audition one of these years.

More important than the fun of the show was that it got Brian doing something. He broke out of the shell he has holed himself up in since his mom died. Yes, we get occasional glimpses of the "old Brian" but then he goes back to the reclusive "new Brian" he became so long ago. With the show over, he's slipped back a bit and spent yesterday on the computer, but he's been out with fellow fops two or three times since closing night. YEAH!

Kate auditioned at Hale-again and again, she didn't get a call back. I have a love hate relationship with that theater. They are one step above community theater but they think they are akin to Pioneer Theater. Dear Hale, you aren't that great. Your theater is awesome and you have great effects, but your actors are not always that great. And then, Hale is one of the most generous companies around. I can always count on them to donate tickets for fund raisers. I know Kate was bummed but i really think they didn't approve of the song she chose for her audition. Or she was too short.

Keegan has joined my in my haven (the deck) its fun to have his company, but suddenly its not as serene as it was a few moments ago. He dreamt that Gibbles (the school Guinea Pig) was a real pig. Great. And now for the non-stop talking and the mind that goes 100 MPH. I tell you i can't keep up with this kid. But I love him to death!

So on to enjoy another summer day. After Mass we will decorate for Vacation Bible School, head to the pool and then to HD to get some sprinkler heads to fix the broken ones.

Its been a long week with dad passing out and Marcus being in the hospital. I know, it wasn't as long for me as all of them, but its draining to have family sick. And then Mark died. I didn't know him, but I do know his wife and she is a strong sweet woman. My prayers to all of them.

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