Monday, June 20, 2011

Why do kids do what they do?

I went to my sister's house tonight for dinner and to spend time with her and my other sister. It was a little too quiet in the back room. I really thought that Keegan was playing on the computer which is what he had been up to. I went in only to find that he had taken a sharpie to her baby's piggy bank. He claims he wanted it to look pretty. I panicked, who wants to admit that their child has ruined something. So I grabbed a piece of tissue to see if it would wipe off. Well, some progress but not a lot of luck. I fessed up and she handed me a tub of Clorox wipes; better luck but there were still marks. Then I remembered the miracle cleaner- toothpaste. With a lot of elbow grease and half a tube of paste i was able to get the sharpie off. There are still a few spots but mainly, its clean and minty fresh.

Keegan's stunt was a good sign that it was time to go home. We packed up and headed out without getting our ice cream sandwiches. I don't know who was more upset about that me, or him.

I just wish I could curb his impulsiveness. The whole way home we talked about why it was naughty and why he couldn't still have ice cream. I think he gets it. He seems to feel bad after he does something but then he finds himself being naughty again and again. Parenting is a lot harder in real life than it is in the movies.

I know that I am a good mom and I truly believe that God doesn't give us more than we can handle but I'm tired.

I remember being a kid and thinking about my future. My kids were so perfect! I had ten of them and they all loved to help clean the house and do the yard work, then we would lovingly all go together to have some fun together. I know fantasy vs reality. Now, I'm just grateful for a day when the boys aren't arguing.

I know, all mom's have frustrations and doubt about their ability. I also know that patience and consistency will pay off and in the end it will all be OK. So instead of dwelling on it, I will answer the real question at hand. How did I know that toothpaste would get sharpie off of a ceramic bank?

Well that all goes back to the dreadful day July 18, 1990. It was a few days before my wedding and Brian and I were washing clothes and cleaning his apartment. Somehow, my nice blue leather glove ended up in the laundry and I found it as I was putting the clothes into the dryer. I was mortified; Brian had bought me those for Christmas. I put it on hoping to stretch it out (on another note this is how I know that the glove not fitting did not make OJ Simpson innocent. See the glove would have shrunk from being wet just like my glove) and when I took it off, my hand was dyed blue; bright blue. I washed and washed to no avail. I was scheduled for my manicure the next day. I did what any bride would do and I cried and cried. Brian gave me Comet and a different kind of soap and several other possible solutions but my hand remained very dark blue. Finally, he remembered that toothpaste can clean off stubborn stains. We grabbed a tube and voila my hand was back to the appropriate color, I got my manicure and my hands look great in our wedding photos.

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