Saturday, June 18, 2011

"I started running and I can't stop"

When someone asked Forrest Gump why he was running his reply was simple-I just started and now I can't stop.

I started running because I was bored of walking. I started walking a lot when my sugar level got high. I refuse to have diabetes. I know, its not like its something that I can control- its genetic, but with better eating habits and exercise, I can keep it at bay and avoid medication. For now.

So I started running and now I love it. OK, lets be honest, I love running out of my driveway and start down the street then I hit the sluggish part of my run about 1/4 mile in. I have to talk myself through it for another mile. Then I am good. Because of where I live, no matter which way I go, I have an uphill jaunt for about a mile. But what I love is the downhill. It feels so damn good. I know a lot of people hate the downhill, but not me. Its so liberating.

Today was the St. Thomas 5K. Last year I ran it in 34 min 56 seconds. It was my first attempt at running a race and my goal had been 35 so I was ecstatic. Then I won 3rd place for my division. Woo hoo! This year I had a goal of 30 min. I had run a 32 minute race in May so I thought I could do it. But this is a hilly run. The neighborhood portion kicked my butt. I finished in 34 min and 2 seconds. Basically a full minute better than last year. I felt good and my time was good but I was a bit disappointed. I did take 3rd place in my division again. I was one minute behind the second place winner. So all in all I should be proud.

I have to remember to not be so hard on myself. I am over 40 and I came in the top third of all the runners. So now its on to the next one. The Lavender Farm in Mona. We will have to stay over night since its an hour and half drive and starts at 7 AM. This should be fun.

Brian and the older kids aren't much into sports so I'm glad I've got my sister Em to support me. She came to cheer me on for two of my runs and encourages me to keep going. Its good because it really does make me go faster when I know someone will be there at the end.

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