Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A few random stories I want to remember

Over the years my kids have said and done some crazy things. As all kids do. I'm adding them in as I remember so that I don't forget them. Some will probably always live on in the family but I want to keep the details. Kind of like the story that both my grandma and her sister told and we don't know if it was my dad or cousin because they both used the same story but inserted their own kid.

Tacos- Ah miss Kate. There we were at Lake Powell for one of our many many trips to my heaven on Earth. We must have told her 5-6 times that we were having tacos for dinner. "Kate, we are making tacos they will be done soon." "Kate, get ready for dinner we are having tacos." Always being ignored. Finally we started eating and Kate came over to the table looked at the food and said "Tacos, I love tacos! I wish I knew we were having tacos!" Hence forth, when she is not paying attention, somene will say "Kate, tacos!"

A warm piece of pizza- when Kate was about 2-3 we made frozen pizza and she burned herself on a piece. A few days later she was cold and said "I wish I had a warm piece of pizza cause my hands are cold."

Tetronic pee- I took Kate and Daniel to Washington DC by myself the year that Brian was commuting there. I felt brave, me, by myself loading up a 5 and 8 yr old to fly across the country. It was only the 2nd or so time that Daniel had flown and he was stoked about the "free" apple juice. I think he drank three. The problem was he didn't know the plane had a bathroom and I didn't think to ask if he had to go. When we landed in MO for a stop over, he asked if we could get off the plane. Since we were just picking up new passangers, I said no. Then I realized the problem. I told the flight attendant I needed to take him to the bathroom now. She was none too happy as she had to get a headcount of passangers continuing on. But I told her she would be much more irritated if he peed ont he seat. So I took him to the bathroom and he peed and peed and peed AND PEED. I told him he was like Austin Powers which he had not seen and didn't get the reference. Then went on to tell everyone he had Tetronic Pee Powers.

The Chip- again, poor Daniel misunderstood what we said. He was three and we were taking a trip to Yellowstone. We told him that on Wed we would pick him up early and go on a trip. The whole time he kept asking us when we would get a chip. We didn't figure it out until we were driving home that he was excited that we were buying chips.

I love you in Oregon- One day Kate looked at Keegan and said "I love you infinity!" He didn't know what the meant and being only about 3 he replied the best he could on his limited experience, "I love you in Oregon!"

Mom and the hookers- Keegan came to my office when he was 3. He was just learning to write and wanted me to make sentences on some scrap paper. All of them need question marks for some reason. We got home and he wanted Kate to draw him some "hookers" She looked at me perplexed and I told Keegan she needed a better explanation. He tried desparately to explain, "you know Kate hookers, mom and I were doing them in her office" Again she looked at me having no idea what to draw, then I remembered and told her they were question marks. That he wanted to make sentances with question marks. Phew- Not something you want him saying any old place.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Why do kids do what they do?

I went to my sister's house tonight for dinner and to spend time with her and my other sister. It was a little too quiet in the back room. I really thought that Keegan was playing on the computer which is what he had been up to. I went in only to find that he had taken a sharpie to her baby's piggy bank. He claims he wanted it to look pretty. I panicked, who wants to admit that their child has ruined something. So I grabbed a piece of tissue to see if it would wipe off. Well, some progress but not a lot of luck. I fessed up and she handed me a tub of Clorox wipes; better luck but there were still marks. Then I remembered the miracle cleaner- toothpaste. With a lot of elbow grease and half a tube of paste i was able to get the sharpie off. There are still a few spots but mainly, its clean and minty fresh.

Keegan's stunt was a good sign that it was time to go home. We packed up and headed out without getting our ice cream sandwiches. I don't know who was more upset about that me, or him.

I just wish I could curb his impulsiveness. The whole way home we talked about why it was naughty and why he couldn't still have ice cream. I think he gets it. He seems to feel bad after he does something but then he finds himself being naughty again and again. Parenting is a lot harder in real life than it is in the movies.

I know that I am a good mom and I truly believe that God doesn't give us more than we can handle but I'm tired.

I remember being a kid and thinking about my future. My kids were so perfect! I had ten of them and they all loved to help clean the house and do the yard work, then we would lovingly all go together to have some fun together. I know fantasy vs reality. Now, I'm just grateful for a day when the boys aren't arguing.

I know, all mom's have frustrations and doubt about their ability. I also know that patience and consistency will pay off and in the end it will all be OK. So instead of dwelling on it, I will answer the real question at hand. How did I know that toothpaste would get sharpie off of a ceramic bank?

Well that all goes back to the dreadful day July 18, 1990. It was a few days before my wedding and Brian and I were washing clothes and cleaning his apartment. Somehow, my nice blue leather glove ended up in the laundry and I found it as I was putting the clothes into the dryer. I was mortified; Brian had bought me those for Christmas. I put it on hoping to stretch it out (on another note this is how I know that the glove not fitting did not make OJ Simpson innocent. See the glove would have shrunk from being wet just like my glove) and when I took it off, my hand was dyed blue; bright blue. I washed and washed to no avail. I was scheduled for my manicure the next day. I did what any bride would do and I cried and cried. Brian gave me Comet and a different kind of soap and several other possible solutions but my hand remained very dark blue. Finally, he remembered that toothpaste can clean off stubborn stains. We grabbed a tube and voila my hand was back to the appropriate color, I got my manicure and my hands look great in our wedding photos.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

"I started running and I can't stop"

When someone asked Forrest Gump why he was running his reply was simple-I just started and now I can't stop.

I started running because I was bored of walking. I started walking a lot when my sugar level got high. I refuse to have diabetes. I know, its not like its something that I can control- its genetic, but with better eating habits and exercise, I can keep it at bay and avoid medication. For now.

So I started running and now I love it. OK, lets be honest, I love running out of my driveway and start down the street then I hit the sluggish part of my run about 1/4 mile in. I have to talk myself through it for another mile. Then I am good. Because of where I live, no matter which way I go, I have an uphill jaunt for about a mile. But what I love is the downhill. It feels so damn good. I know a lot of people hate the downhill, but not me. Its so liberating.

Today was the St. Thomas 5K. Last year I ran it in 34 min 56 seconds. It was my first attempt at running a race and my goal had been 35 so I was ecstatic. Then I won 3rd place for my division. Woo hoo! This year I had a goal of 30 min. I had run a 32 minute race in May so I thought I could do it. But this is a hilly run. The neighborhood portion kicked my butt. I finished in 34 min and 2 seconds. Basically a full minute better than last year. I felt good and my time was good but I was a bit disappointed. I did take 3rd place in my division again. I was one minute behind the second place winner. So all in all I should be proud.

I have to remember to not be so hard on myself. I am over 40 and I came in the top third of all the runners. So now its on to the next one. The Lavender Farm in Mona. We will have to stay over night since its an hour and half drive and starts at 7 AM. This should be fun.

Brian and the older kids aren't much into sports so I'm glad I've got my sister Em to support me. She came to cheer me on for two of my runs and encourages me to keep going. Its good because it really does make me go faster when I know someone will be there at the end.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Why begin now?

As a child I remember thinking I was supposed to keep a diary. That is what all girls are supposed to do, right? I started several and maybe wrote once or twice then called it quits. A lot has happened in my 40+ years and I've always assumed I would clearly remember the details of my life, but the older I get, the more I realize that I have no more brain power than anyone else and I am destined to start losing my mind (or at least the details of my memories). Anyone who knows me well knows that my handwriting is......well.......horrid. The nuns were mean to me about my lack of pride in my work and quite honestly, holding a pen/pencil hurts my hands so a blog seems like a good way to record the things I want to remember.

For starters, I am currently 41 quickly headed towards 42. I have been married since 1990 so 21 years in July. We have three kids 18,15 and 6. I worked hard and have my dream job but some days, I'd love to just give it all up and stay at home. But you get what you get.

Here is the answer to the question you have been asking. "Little but Vicious" Why that URL? Well, so many that I thought of were taken and then I remembered something my brother in law said when Brian and I were first married. I don't remember the details excatly but he told someone to not mess with her because she is little but she is vicious. Yes, I am a very calm reasonable person most of the time, but don't get this five foot tall red head mad or you may regret it.